Casino Jeux Offers Extensive Information about Casinos Acceptant Joueurs

A lot of French gambling enthusiasts are finding it hard to continue with their favorite pastime, of playing online casino games. Most people prefer playing games online, mostly because of the convenience factor. Gambling sites, available on the Internet enables player to play their much loved casino games, right from the comfort of their home and also allows them to earn money, during their spare time. But, the new French regulation proves to be quite unfavorable for French online casino lovers.

Although, French players can still play casino games at various online sites, but finding a legal and trustworthy one is quite difficult. The majority of the global casinos, which allows French players to register at their sites are actually not authorized casinos and are often known to defraud players. As a result, players must be very cautious while selecting an online site. To help French in finding reliable and authentic sites, Casino Jeux has created a list of the most excellent online gambling sites, where French players are welcomed, open heartedly. Players can view at the names, which are available on the site?s casinos acceptant joueurs francais page.

According to the law, which was enforced on the 12th of May 2010, in France, ARJEL will only give approval to betting sites, which offers games like paris horse, paris sport and poker. The popular casino games were not cited in the law. Hence, even the sites, which aspired to obtain authorization from ARJEL, barred French players from playing at their site, since November, 2010. To find the names of the thirty approved French betting sites, you must visit the casinos agr?es en france section of Casino Jeux portal site.