How Online Baccarat Got so Popular

There are a few things players can credit for online baccarat's recent extensive popularity. First, it is the easiest game to learn and master of all the casino games. Second, it has the lowest house edge, which means players walk away from the game with more money more often. With these two reasons alone, no one can question the popularity of the game.

The House Edge

Many casino games have house edges that exceed 5 or even 10 percent. That means of every dollar that is wagered, casinos walk away with an average 5 to 10 percent. Even the best players at these games can expect to walk away with only a portion of their original bets. In online baccarat, though, players have the privilege of playing against a house edge of only 1.5%. That means that the average player walks away with over 98% of their original bets. Players who actually know what they are doing and bet according to strategies and previous knowledge can walk away with more.

The Rules of the Game

Another reason that online baccarat is so popular is that it is the easiest online casino game to learn and master. Players can learn the basics of the game in a matter of minutes, and within a few games, they have a strong handle on the nuances. By the time players have played a dozen games, they can feel confident in placing nuanced bets, exploring some of the most complicated components of the game.

Even when players take the game of online baccarat at its most complicated, the game is still easy to play and easy to master. With such low house edges, no other online casino game is this easy to learn.