Important Information about Craps

Gambling has captured the hearts of many people around the globe for varying reasons. While some enjoy the excitement of winning big, others view it as nothing more than a social event. Craps is one of the world's most popular casino games, by far.

Casino Games

Most of the games found in land-based and online casinos are very old in origin; some have been around since before recordkeeping began. Poker, baccarat, blackjack and even craps all have a history that is very diverse, but craps is one of the oldest known games in history. This is because historians believe that the game was played in ancient Egypt as many as 4000 years ago, though the rules are different today.

Making Predictions

The idea behind the game of craps is to make a prediction about the sum of the dice the shooter is about to throw. Lady Luck has a huge hand in this as the shooter has no control over the dice once they leave his or her hands. American land-based casinos and European online casinos embrace the game as there is plenty of potential for the casino to earn significant revenue. Players love the game as well because there are some bets with a low house edge that certainly provide decent returns.

About Craps

The shooter and the bettors always stake their claims against the house, either for or against the shooter. Two dice are rolled and if the total is two, three or 12 then the shooter and all of the bettors lose. If it is any other number, this becomes the point and all subsequent rolls are geared toward rolling that number again before rolling a seven or 11. If the shooter is successful, everyone who bet for the shooter wins. If the shooter fails, those who bet for the shooter also lose their money.

Craps is a game that is very exciting but requires very little skill. For more than 40 centuries, players worldwide have enjoyed the competitiveness and exhilaration that craps provides.